About Us

Born in Staffordshire, UK 3D Printing was created by company directors Dan and Ryan. Dan comes from a technical background in information technology where Ryan has extensive sales and marketing experience. The company prides it’s self on being one of the first fully functional and direct to market UK websites to offer affordable 3D printer filament in the UK.

Other countries have been selling 3D printer filament for years now, and at low costs too. Seeing this UK 3D Printing was created to provide that same low cost filament from a UK distributor.

Ryan – “We believe that everyone should be able to print their own creations whether it be big or small.” Dan – “We know that the best creations come from the imagination of creative individuals, so selling affordable filament allows YOU the creative to express your thoughts through the technology of 3D print.”

We hope you have found all that you need from UK 3D Printing, if not please contact us as we can source many different types of products